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Healthy Ageing Village


To provide quantifiable evidence to enable a business case for a new development to take place to open up a development between the University of Lancaster estate and the City of Lancaster to create a more connected knowledge and healthcare zone in the city.


The project focussed upon a plot of land between the University and the city, with complex ownership, and ambitions for development, however, none could be realised without a consolidated vision to develop and move forward. IDM was challenged to identify key themes that could meet the aspirations of the various stakeholders to unlock the potential of the project. We conducted a data-led analysis, with face-to-face interviews to corroborate findings, of the key strengths and weaknesses of Lancaster University in the context of the various ambitions of the stakeholders. This generated metrics to justify investment including demand analysis based on population demographics, research excellence and funding, and NHS strategic plans and priorities.


The results of our research demonstrated that a development that incorporates a strong research and healthcare focus on healthy ageing would best meet the aspirations of all stakeholders. Analysis indicated that improved transport infrastructure would also be required to support the creation of a healthy ageing village sited between the University and the city centre. This development would provide a mix of housing and NHS services, and link closely to the research and development of the University targeted towards supporting healthier ageing and assistive technologies.

Impact: Stakeholders agreed a future vision unlocking a £40M program of funding for first phases of the project.


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