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Opportunity Identification: International Property Fund


We were asked to provide a view of the developing opportunities presented by UK Government infrastructure investment into a specific region to enable our client to assess whether they should be investing in the region and, if so, what their strategy should be.


We undertook an initial analysis of the region to provide a context that allowed identification of those areas that are currently hindered from participating in the regional and national economy, those which are likely to be transformed by the new infrastructure investments across the region and forecasting consequent needs in those areas around housing, retail and industrial sectors. This analysis was based on over 130 leading indicators, resulting in a dataset that allowed identification of critical themes and relationships. Following review with the client, we then undertook a detailed analysis of sub-geographies of interest. From understanding the detailed interdependence of factors including population dynamics, academic and business performance, infrastructure needs, investment planning and resident skills, we surfaced a number of key investment opportunities within the area.


Our analysis determined key locations within the prescribed geography that would be most likely to benefit from the planned infrastructure investment. Beyond this, we were able to identify specific investment opportunities within these locations enabling the client to establish a long-term strategy for investments in the area.

Impact: Validation and support for the establishment of a long-term regional investment fund for the area.


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