Understanding the true scope of the Life Science sector is difficult. Existing reports are based on inaccurate and error-ridden data resulting in a false picture of the economic contribution of Life Science Companies at national, regional and local level. This affects marketing, planning and funding and how areas are perceived as players in the knowledge economy. In addition to this, most reports tend to rely on registered office addresses for companies which are not necessarily the same as premises addresses and don't cover multiple sites of operation.

We have used a variety of machine-learning techniques to create an AI-driven solution to solving these problems and produce detailed, current and accurate lists of Life Science businesses in the UK.


For the first time, IDM is providing clients with a simple, quick and accurate method to find information relating to Life Science businesses and research in the UK in a single place.

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Easily searchable and intuitive to use.

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Breakdown of sub-sectors gives insight into local activity.

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About IDM Life Sciences

How much does it cost?

Our terms are simple, straightforward and provide a cost-effective solution for any user needing to be better informed about this exciting and dynamic industry sector in the UK. Our quarterly subscription model provides straightforward, unlimited access to the data from your computer, laptop or mobile device web browser.

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Corporate Solutions

 If you're interested in multiple user subscriptions or looking to get additional insights, please contact us.

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